So...what are we all into, anyways?

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So...what are we all into, anyways?

Post  Nathan on Thu Sep 11, 2008 3:02 pm

Introductions thread!

Figured it'd be a good idea to introduce myself, lest my terrible taste in everything shock and appall you when we meet in person. Also, "sannensei desu ga, jitsu wa Arts no ichinensei" says absolutely nothing about myself.

Guess I'll kick it off.

Of course, I'm Nathan. I'm planning on majoring in Japanese. Stupidly, I let Shuya convince my to take up Chinese this year. I also study a bit of Logic.

Enough of the boring stuff though. I'm into anything remotely funny. It's incredibly hard to offend me, so dig in whenever you like - my philosophy is that anything you can make fun of me with, I can make fun of me with it better...excuse the terrible English. I'm also pretty laid back, as my current lack of plane tickets would suggest. It's been a fair while since I actually needed to be, but I'm also pretty good for the deep-and-meaningful stuff that goes on. Hopefully we won't need that on the trip though, eh?

My music tastes range mostly over metal, rock and a bit of techno. Anyone else heard of Nightwish?

Nerding it up a bit, I like games a bit too much for my own good, and I do enjoy a good anime. C'mon, you had to expect it - skinny white guy with glasses going on a trip that's 80% female?

And to level it out a bit, I love a good drinking competition. I'm allergic to most beers, but like hell that'll stop me!

As far as this trip goes, I mainly want to become more fluent with my Japanese. My previous experience was: point at object, raise one finger, and say "onegai shimasu". Hopefully ten weeks will sort me out, eh?



Okay, now your turn!

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Re: So...what are we all into, anyways?

Post  Michelle on Thu Sep 11, 2008 3:30 pm

LOL, very interesting intro indeed =D!

well, i will go next then, not as fun as Nathan's though, since i am a very BORING person.

anyway yea, i am a third year BArts/ BCommerce student (OLD !), but it's actually my fourth year in Monash because i changed my course and wasted almost a year.

Anyway, yea, i am majoring in Japanese for my Arts degree. I actually have only started to study japanese after i changed into this double degree, which means that i've only studied japanese for 3 years? (ok, 2 years and 9 months? ) anyway, i believe most of you guys have been studying the language much longer than i do!

So far i can survive writing and reading Japanese pretty well (by spending hundreds of hours trying to read the same thing for 1000 times), and can pick things up quite alright with listening (although i am kinda half deaf thanks to over-using my ipod). However, my speaking is a total MESS. "uchi ni hairu toki, "shoe" wo "take off" shi masu" (you call that speaking Japanese? i am quite surprised that i haven't failed my speaking tests so far)

Anyway, yea, i am aiming to improve (well, HOPING to improve) my Japanese speaking during this trip. Hopefully i can at least get rid of the habit of using English word in a Japanese snetence =__=...

hmm.. what else should i talk about...

I like anime and manga? They are like DOMINATING my life actually. I enjoy art (paintings) and i do like to draw. I don't drink cause i don't really like the taste of alcohol. hmm, nothing much to say about me anyway, haven't really done much in my life lol.

oh, although it is a bit late to say this, but sorry for my retarded english. ^_^;..

and finally, i even forgot to say my name...

this is Michelle here.


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Re: So...what are we all into, anyways?

Post  Joanne on Thu Sep 11, 2008 3:55 pm

Hey minasan Smile O genki desu ka? I'm pretty much still coughing since the weather changed into spring mode XD

My name is Joanne Ong, and I;m a spoiled Singaporean chinese kid XD
I'm a 2nd year Business student, just started Japanese lvl3/4 this year (I'll major it in the future, but not in my current degree Razz gotta work first)

I luv anime and manga so much, I dare say I have 500+ bookes/DVDs/OSTs and Jpop music stuff Razz Too bad, they are all in Singapore, where I'm from.
I love gaming too (addicted to MMOs, and RPGs, though I'm plyin TF2 now if u knoe what it means) so I hope to put up some of the latest games in Japan Razz
I'm the kendo/newbie/gal XD and IM NOT BRINGING my kendo equipment cept for the stick and uniform (I'm bringing my laptop there 2 so my lugguage will b heavy)

The past two times I've been to Japan were with my family, and i went to Tokyo Disneyland/sea EACH TIME rabbit (im pretty childish at heart)
I have not gone to ryokan or hot springs, so I'm looking forward to that too
I really want to see the sakura trees bloom in Japan >< But this trip is a bit early for that, so I hope to work in Japan after I graduate,
so I can enjoy em every yr! That's pretty much my goal really Smile

Hope to have fun with ya guys on this trip and gd luck for the exams Wink

Oh ya, I don't smoke and I drink little Razz never gotten drunk before so don't go off gettin me drunk k XD

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Re: So...what are we all into, anyways?

Post  Jacinda on Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:54 pm

Arts 2nd year, studying Japanese & Chinese and [insert others]. Majoring in the damn language for study abroad purposes (if anyone's coming back to Japan anytime in 2009, I'll be in Tokyo at Meiji Gakuin).

I like... a lot of things? I have a lot of things I like. But I guess my biggest vice is video games (there's quite a bit of us, maybe we can gang up and bully the others into submission), comics, and music. Oh and cooking. And sleeping. And watching sports with lots of beer. And playing games with lots of beer.

I drink, very well thanks. Too easily too.

Reason I'm doing this program? Well I was going to use Kanazawa as an option if I didn't get into study abroad. I realised I still wanted to do it because of the intense japanese cramming into your head experience it had.


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Re: So...what are we all into, anyways?

Post  james on Fri Sep 12, 2008 4:50 am


i'm james

1st year engineering/commerce - not enrolled in japanese right now, but will be for the program. i'm doing 7/8 - guess we'll see how it goes. i went on an 8 week homestay previously, so my speaking/reading isn't bad - i'm more concerned about making friends and having a good time in kanazawa than studying

i would write more about myself but all these self intro letters and stuff on the applications has taken it out of me heh


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Re: So...what are we all into, anyways?

Post  jonno on Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:13 am

hey peoples,
i'm jonno.

by the sounds of things everyone is going for an awesome time with study the last things on their minds. so to be honest, my jap sucks. i get by but my main concern was going over to kanazawa and failing.. so i guess we'll see how we go...

2nd year arts/comm, not majoring in jap. prob just minor unless something crazy happens in kanazawa and my jap improves incredibly!

looking forward to meeting everyone in person. i don't really do forums that well sorry and like james, i'm all typed out for now.


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Re: So...what are we all into, anyways?

Post  osaka on Sat Sep 13, 2008 2:57 pm

...Steph desu...

...I'm doing first year Bcom/Arts, and i'm hoping to major in japanese...^___^"v...i'll be doing 7/8 during kanazawa but i have NO confidence in my japanese sooo i'm hoping something will happen during kanazawa...LOLz, the last time i went overseas was lyk 14yrs ago so this is gonna b my first time solo, my first homestay...and it'll probably b the first time i get homesick...=.="...which will probably be gauranteed...*sigh*...minna yoroshiku ne...^___^"...

...I,Anime,Jpop,manga...I've only recently discovered Jdramas...and SHOPPING!!!...especially accessories!!!...^___^", one of my shopping goals for Japan is to find a pair of those loose knee high socks that you see in like all manga/anime!!!, sad, i know but i cant seem to find them in Aussie...

...moving on...not really into games and i dont really drink...sooo...wen y'all get drunk i'll be taking kodak moments...^___^"...

...I'm usually not that easily offended...and i'll laugh at most jokes, that is if they surpass my dad's lame jokes, and trust me they're lame =.="...

...Aniwaiz, I'm hoping to make really good friends with y'all!!!...
osaka yori


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Re: So...what are we all into, anyways?

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