Kyoto info :)

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Kyoto info :)

Post  Joanne on Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:05 pm

Kyoto, homeland of Geisha, is 65 mins from Kansai (Osaka) airport, and is prob for ppl lookin for a quiet scenary to relax in (say 'Onsen' Razz), rather than busy city Tokyo. It is also known for its temples, and you can stay at one (cheap and have comfortable bed like hostel Smile but offer vegetarian breakfasts/meditation sessions along with the package Razz, nid to make special arrangement)

Wiki travel & Kyoto in winter XD

Thinking of visiting the Imperial palace, and having tea in its beautiful gardens? u have to apply here

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Re: Kyoto info :)

Post  Michelle on Tue Sep 30, 2008 11:53 pm

sounds like some place that i will go =D~ (love temples >w<~~)

I might join a tour to go there if no one wants to go together =x~~

P.S: spamming more now cause i got my internet back yaay =D~~


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