Got money to spurge on theme park? :P here's some of em

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Got money to spurge on theme park? :P here's some of em

Post  Joanne on Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:25 pm

As you guys know, there's a spa world near Hotel Toyo in Osaka, good for the cold i guess, so go check it out Smile

In Nikko (2 1/2 hrs train away from Tokyo o_0)
Edo wonderland Nikko, A recreation of Tokyo in the Edo era (1800s). The emphasis is on fun, rather than education; don't miss the action-packed ninja show or the "Hell Temple" haunted house. In fact, a glowing Buddha statue signals your departure from hell at the end of the obstacle course

In Ise, also a similar attraction to Edo Wonderland Nikko, but closer to Osaka Smile
Edo Wonderland Nikko, which is different than the one in Nikko because it has a NINJA MAZE (with traps and hidden walls, like those in video games ><)

Oh there's this interesting theme park where Tokyo dome is (big indoor stadium where a lot of celebs hold their concert Razz)
[url]Tokyo dome city[/url] and they have this rollar coaster that goes thru a hole in a BUILDING OUTDOORS ><
I went there too late the last time I was there, and had to go home without tryin the rides Sad

Now another one near Osaka, Universal studios Japan

And the most famous of all Razz LUV IT OR H8 IT*click* *WARNING for the young hearted XD*

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